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PA 1

My environment

Why did you choose this place?

Because of the peace I feel there, it does literally take my soul to a more tranquil place where I achieve my best level of creativity, that’s why I always try to play the guitar there. It’s kind of my safe place.

What makes you comfortable?

It’s the composition of the place what makes me comfortable, I couldn’t choose just a thing. It’s true that the fact of being so surrounded by nature has a huge role. But i also take into account the white aesthetic of the building and the loose stone ground.

Is there some disruptive element?

Yes there is, as I said before the place is surrounded by vegetation. It gives the location a chaotic character, the way a tree grows or the way a flower blooms cannot be controlled. that’s also what makes beautiful the place, the magic of real.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

I don’t wanna refuse to think that there are not other places I can feel the same way, I’m pretty sure there are. On the contrary of this place, in the others I would need to be with specific people that also take me to this peace mood. What makes the garden special is that I don’t need the company of anyone.

Do you think that the conditions of this space influence it’s occupants? How?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on the season of the year this place has a different impact in people. To my mind, it is during spring when you can achieve…